Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. .. shield

About a month ago, I finally decided that my CNC robot was broken. At first it was just having occasional trouble with 3D model carves, then those got more frequent, and eventually even 2D vector carving stopped working properly. So, I decided to disassemble the electronics, clean everything, and rebuild it in a new form. Then, of course, came time to test the updated robot. Since Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on its winter break, it seemed like the perfect time to release my inner fan and make something to relieve my withdrawal…

2014 Winter Needs Giveaway

It may be our last, at least for a while, but it went really well…

Sokka Weapon Set (Avatar: The Last Airbender) – Complete

Complete Weapon Set

I actually started on this weapon set because I wanted to create the Space (Meteor) Sword.  Most of my swords are combined into one piece before painting, but for the Space Sword, I decided to make it like a real weapon – the blade has a tang, the hilt is made of several pieces that lock together, and the pommel screws onto the end to keep it all in place.  All parts were carved from MDF wood, glued together, and coated with Smooth-On Smooth Cast 321 plastic to seal the wood for painting.  The main grip is wrapped in faux leather, and the upper grip has additional leather craft lace.  Similarly,t he scabbard is glued MDF hollowed out, wrapped with faux leather and leather craft lace.

Pieces ready to go



After that, things just kind of built.  I had some spare wood, and wanted to create the machete, since I’d never seen one of those in prop form.  The boomerang, of course, is so iconic that I had to have one.. and accidentally carved the top side twice instead of a top and bottom when I started, so I created two, just so that one would have the chip in the blade sometimes seen in the show.

The club was the last item I completed.  Like the others, I hadn’t actually planned on making it at all, but it is one of Sokka’s most recognized weapons, so once I had the rest of the set, I knew I’d have to make it eventually.  All the props are carved from MDF, but the ball on the club is carved from insulation foam, since I wanted it to be lightweight and worried that a solid ball of wood might break off more easily.

Looks like someone had a few too many…

I had a metal post in the ground at the corner of my driveway to help guide folks around the ditch next to the road.. looks like someone took that out, clipped the light pole, thankfully avoided hitting the house next door, then took the corner leaving a bit too sharply as well.

They were nice enough to lean the (now bent) post against the light pole, though.  It’s still functional.

IMAG0795 IMAG0796

Holiday Lights


Let it snow, let it snow…


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Final assembly

Had these ready for a while now, just forgot to post them here…




Test fitting the parts…

Getting shockingly close to the end on this armor.  Just a few more pieces to go…


LEDs are fun!


They certainly mess with cameras at times…


Chrome Makes Everything Better

Work in progress shot, but still… this:


to this:

IMAG0662.. in just one coat of paint.  Shiny…