At my house, I have multiple hummingbird feeders out, and over time have built up a brigade of ‘regulars’ who have some distinct personalities.  They are a mix of several breeds, at the least Black Chinned and Ruby Throated, and include:


Back feeder

Napoleon – he was pretty much the first to arrive, and enjoys sitting on a nearby hanging planter with his chest puffed out, overseeing ‘his’ domain.  He’s fine with me watching, perhaps because he’s seen me refill the feeders.


(Dine and) Dash – he never lands to eat, he just darts in and out several times, then flies away.

Joan (of Arc) – she is one of the few who chases the others away.  She’ll sit on the cable line coming to the house, and if anyone else comes in for a meal near ‘her’ feeder, she’ll buzz in and get rid of them.   She’s also quite shy, and will fly away if she notices me watching her.


Front feeder

Peabody – has a lovely mottled green back.


Daredevil – always lands to feed, and when he’s done, he leans back until he falls off the feeder, then flies away.

(Peeping) Tom – after he eats, he’ll often fly over to look in my front windows. He’s also somewhat brave for such a tiny beast, and will fly into my face and squeak at me if I’m outside and the feeder is empty.. even if I’m there to refill it.

The Sampler – always tries each port of the feeder, to see which tastes the best.

Ruby – for some reason seems to have an extra large ruby throat, extending well into the belly area.