Colin’s first experience with games was with an old dial-up BBS text adventure called Legend of the Red Dragon (and just saying that it was on a BBS should indicate how long ago this was).  It was a lot of fun, and he wondered if he could take that concept and bring it to another of his favorite pastimes, Robotech.  To do this, he had to learn how to program, which led from Pascal to C/C++, and eventually on to a double BS in Computer Science and Math.  While getting his degrees, he enjoyed the X-Wing series of games by Totally Games.  So, when he graduated, he got a job working for them on Star Trek: Bridge Commander doing a mix of engine and gameplay work.

He now has over 13 years in the games industry, with work ranging over original IP (Secret Weapons Over NormandyMercenaries), to games for major licenses (Star TrekStar Wars), remakes of retro titles (Alien Syndrome), and even game tie-ins for movies (Dora the Explorer Saves the Mermaids) and sports (Professional Bull Riding).  Throughout his career, he has remained a generalist so that he can jump onto any needs within a project.  This has included everything from tools to graphics effects, and from gameplay implementation to core engine technology.  It has also meant more languages and environments than he can remember, games on nearly all major consoles, some blockbuster hits, meeting a lot of great people, and having fun along the way.

He is currently living in Oklahoma (a new experience for him), and works remotely for a casino company called Prestige Gaming, adding in functionality for their free iOS apps like security and Facebook integration, as well as a support role for LeapFrog in Emeryville, CA.

He also worries that talking about himself in the third person may indicate some sort of mental illness.