Last night, I was over at a friend’s house playing a P&P RPG (7th Sea).  The game went late, as such things do, and I was getting ready to drive home around midnight.  I was backing down his driveway in the country, making extra sure to avoid the fence to my right.. and veered too far to my left, going off the driveway and into the ditch:



Yes, extremely stupid of me.  I should’ve turned around first, as there were no lights behind me and I really couldn’t see if I was on the driveway path or not.  Lessons learned.  Thankfully, my insurance company was able to get me a tow truck within about 45 minutes, which was able to pull my car out.  We looked the car over and realized there was no real damage except for the front bumper, so I was comfortable driving it home (apparently the tow truck’s home base was along the route back to my house, I followed him most of my trip back).  In the morning, I popped the bumper back into place:



All in all, I feel pretty lucky.  It was a dumb move backing up when it was so dark and I wasn’t sure I was on the path.  I could’ve done a lot of damage to the car if I’d hit the ditch differently, or if it was deeper.  Next time, I just need to make sure I back into their driveway when we have a game night.  For now, I need to wash off the mud and grass stuck to the side of the bumper seen above.