Hair club for kids

I’m just getting ready to donate my hair so some kids going through medical issues (chemotherapy, etc) can have a wig and feel normal-ish. Has anyone else done something like this? Thought about it if you have the time?

It takes at least a year or two to grow enough hair, even for places like Pink Heart Funds ( – it says 10″, but they can use 6″ as well), Wigs for Kids (, St. Baldrick’s (, even Locks of Love ( or others.



I can’t wait to have short hair again.. but I’ll probably start growing another donation again next year.

Joys of owning a home, #27

Having to install toilet paper holders on your day off because the previous owner apparently didn’t have them.  At least they were easy to put in for the guest bathroom, its walls are normal.  Master bath is all tile walls, though, need to recharge the drill before I’ll attempt that.

Simple Sushi

Given my recent move to a fairly sushi-less area, I decided to try learning how to make my own. Below are some pictures and instructions that may help others do the same…
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New game is out!

My Robot Friend, released by LeapFrog, is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!  Check it out!

Relay for Life 2013

This year, I’m a captain for our team, Victory Bells.  Mostly it’s so I can handle setting up the team page and other technical matters, but the main leadership of our team remains my mother, who comes up with most of our fundraising ideas and implements them.

I encourage everyone to take part in Relay in some manner – after all, cancer affects almost everyone in one way or another.  If it isn’t you who has it, you likely have a friend or family member who has.  Relay for Life raises funds to support those in need during their treatments with programs such as rides to appointments, gives money to cancer research, and more.  It’s all about killing cancer so in the future, it’s less bothersome than the common cold.

Please consider donating to our team, donating to a team in your area, or making your own team to join in the fight.

Among the new things we’re doing this year to fundraise are our Hope Earrings – each pair comes with sterling silver ribbon emblems with the word HOPE inset and antiqued, with beads of various colors to show support for the many, many types of cancer impacting us.

EarringSet2 EarringPurple EarringBlue

Hello, Thumb, said my ceramic knife

And hello, knife, responded my thumb.  How are you?

I’m fine, said the knife, and it proceeded to try to slice off the top bit of my thumb.  It only half succeeded, so I don’t need stitches, but this isn’t exactly comfortable.

Happy New Year, 2013 Version!

Wow, 2012 blazed by.  I finally figured out that’s because I was working too many jobs, many at the same time.  I hope everyone is happy and safe, bringing in the new year and looking forward to what comes next.


Coming off a super-busy year that sent many of my schedules into madness, I’m looking at moving into a house from my current apartment.  This will probably take a few months due to various issues, but I may be a home owner/mortgager by early next year.  That’s somewhat extremely terrifying.

I live!

And may actually have time to resume posting in the very near future.  Just hit 0 bugs on the project for work, and as soon as that’s accepted to Apple my contract is essentially complete.  It’s been a rough ride for the past several months, very little time for cosplay, prop work, or even life in general.

WIP – Hero’s Shield (Zelda – Majora’s Mask)

Test carving for sizing…