I decided to make this sword for the fun of it.  No desire to cosplay the character, just interest in making the sword. The first step, of course, was to collect references:

space_earth_swordSokka_and_Piandao's_sword_Concept_ArtScabbard Reveal 5

The sword is a variant of a traditional Chinese jian, so finding information about traditional sizes was straightforward.  Copying the design in the guard was possibly the most difficult part of laying out this sword, but with enough references, it came into shape.  At this point, I carved all parts into 1/4″ or 1/2″ MDF, then started coating them with Smooth-On 320 plastic resin.


After that everything was smoothed and coated with filler primer.  The hilt is wrapped with pleather, and the upper hilt with additional suede rawhide cord.  All paint is Rust-Oleum, Black Metallic for the blade & tang, Metallic Gold for the guard and fittings.  Light staining on the upper hilt and guard were done with thinned Folk Art pure black acrylic paint.



The scabbard is also made of 1/2″ MDF, hollowed out and glued together, painted with Metallic Gold.  The upper wrap is suede black cording, with the same pleather for the top trim and lower work.